UHP Grade Graphite Electrodes with Nipples 3TPI 4TPI for EAF LF

UHP Grade Graphite Electrodes with Nipples 3TPI 4TPI for EAF LF

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Graphite electrode is made of high-quality low ash materials, such as petroleum coke, needle coke and coal pitch. after calcining, burdening, kneading, forming, baking and pressure impregnation, graphitizationand then precision machined with professional CNC machining. such of the products own characteristics withlow resistivity, good electrical conductivity, low ash, compact structure, good anti oxidation and high mechanical strength, so it is the best conductive material for electric arc furnace and smelting furnace. 

According to its quality indicators, graphite electrodes can be divided into RP graphite electrodes, HP graphite electrodes and UHP graphite electrodes.

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The graphite electrode is packed in wooden frame, the graphite electrode and nipple are connected, lined with waterproof and dustproof plastic sheeting, the external steel belt is fastened, beautifully and firm, suitable for land transportation, railway and sea transportation.

Precautions for graphite electrode in use
1 the electrode holder should be clamped outside the warning line of the top electrode, otherwise it will cause the electrode to break. The contact surfaces of the holder and the electrode shall be cleaned regularly to keep in good contact with the electrode and the jacket shall be protected against leakage.
2 the electrode joint found cracks exist, must find out the reason, eliminate the connection gap can be used.
3 In connection electrode, it is found that when the joint bolt falls off, the joint bolt should be filled and then connected.
4 the electrode should be used vertically, avoid tilting operation, especially not to connect a set of electrodes horizontally, so as not to break.
5 to charge into the furnace, should be installed near the furnace bottom at the bulk material, in order to reduce the burden of the large collapse impact electrode.
6 when smelting, should avoid insulation block a large number of piles in the electrode just below, so as not to affect the electrode use, and even the electrode broken.
7 the electrode in the rise or fall, should avoid rubbing the furnace cover, resulting in electrode damage.
8 in the smelting site, to avoid steel slag splash to the site of the electrode or joint of the thread buckle, damage thread precision.

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